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Q: How does the UCAN Foundation utilize donations?

A: Every dollar donated goes directly towards furthering our mission in advocating for the mental health and rights of cast members. While there will be expenses associated with the administration of running and operating UCAN, the majority of donations will be allocated to the outreach, advocacy and professional support for reality TV cast members.

Q: Am I paying for someone's therapy?

A: No! Your donations are not going to directly pay for therapy sessions for cast members. We believe the production and distribution companies who create the need should be responsible for providing the care, not you. Your donation goes towards furthering this cause and building our network of mental health providers who's expertise is uniquely suited to help reality TV cast members. 

Q: How can I donate?

A: You can donate by clicking the "Donate Now" banner at the top of this page or in any other section of this website.

Q: Is The UCAN Foundation a registered nonprofit?

A: Yes! The UCAN Foundation is incorporated in the State of Delaware and is obligated to operate in full compliance with Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code in accordance with Article III of The State of Delaware Certificate of Incorporation For Exempt Corporation.

Q: Does UCAN have transparency and accountability measures in place?

A: Yes! Transparency is a core value at the UCAN foundation and we will provide a full accounting of donations received, and how they are utilized, available to the public on a regular basis. 

Q: Who makes up UCAN's leadership team?

A: UCAN's board of directors is comprised of former Reality TV cast members and professional service providers, all of whom have deep experience in aspects of operating businesses, including non profits. Their bios are available in the "About Us" section and you can find their experience on their respective LinkedIn pages.

Q: Are you just trying to get rich or famous?

A: No! UCAN's board and staff are currently operating on an entirely volunteer basis with some members often putting in 40 - 50 hours per week on top of their normal jobs. 

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