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The UCAN Foundation is a network of reality TV participants and mental health and legal experts dedicated to supporting cast members. Our goal is to provide cast members with resources to make informed decisions, understand the reality of productions, and seek help in a safe and supportive environment



To provide support, and advocacy for past, current, and future unscripted television cast members, to educate the public on the conditions cast members endure before, during and after production, and to be a key player in advocating for industry change, where unscripted television is produced ethically, values the health and safety of cast, conforms to labor laws and compensates cast according to the value they help generate.




Integrity is the driving ethos that underlies everything we do at the UCAN Foundation. Every decision made, every action taken and every dollar spent has a direct impact in furthering our vision. That’s our promise to you.


We believe that every person should have access to qualified and independent mental health care. Reality TV cast members are often subject to difficult situations and environments which can lead to emotional distress. The UCAN Foundation is committed to ensuring that these cast members have access to the support they need to integrate their experiences in a positive and meaningful way.


Fear keeps victims from telling their stories. Fear of retaliation, fear of destroyed reputations, fear of humiliation. At the UCAN Foundation, we want everyone to feel safe. Therefore, we are committed to safeguarding the privacy and anonymity of all contributors and beneficiaries, whether generous donors or unscripted cast members. 


With unscripted television as an established industry with massive production budgets, often generating hundreds of millions in revenue per show, the practice of paying cast members less than minimum wage and subjecting them to inhumane working conditions is inexcusable. The UCAN foundation is committed to bringing cast compensation in line with talent compensation for scripted entertainment and commensurate with the wealth generated for production and distribution companies.


The UCAN foundation is committed to full transparency in every aspect of our business. Every decision and action will resonate with our core values and every dollar spent shall work towards our vision. We are committed to providing a full public accounting of our financial statements so that you can be confident that every dollar donated is a dollar spent in furtherance of our mission.

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Director, Outreach

Nick Thompson

Director, Mental Health Support

Dr. Isabelle Morley

Executive Director

Jeremy Hartwell

I'm Nick Thompson from Netflix's "Love is Blind" season two. I've lived the mental health struggles myself and others experienced with Reality TV. My goal is to ensure adequate mental health support pre, during, and post-production for all cast members.

I believe in the power of authentic connections to remove societal stigmas around mental health. My mission is to encourage people to be their authentic selves and show up in the world with their eyes wide open.


I'm here for you. 

I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with a specialty in couples therapy. As a writer for Psychology Today, I've brought awareness to the concerning aspects of "Love is Blind" and reality TV dating shows in general. After I learned about the significant mental health struggles cast members can suffer due to participation, I joined the UCAN mission to ensure they receive better support .


Relationships are hard enough as it is. People deserve support as they search for love on television, and all cast members deserve support when they're in the uniquely challenging circumstances of being on a reality show. I believe entertainment should not come at the expense of a person's mental health or relationship happiness, and I'm here to help make sure that doesn't happen.

As a cast member of season 2 of Netflix’s “Love is Blind”, I've experienced firsthand the abusive and exploitative environment perpetuated within unscripted production environments. I decided to start the UCAN Foundation to create a catalyst for change in an industry that historically has been immune to transparency and accountability in its practices.

I have deep experience in corporate strategy, have launched several businesses and hold an MBA from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. My commitment to justice and equity in business transactions is a driving ethos in my desire to provide resources and support to the human beings who have suffered or been exploited in the production of unscripted television series.

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